Sell Your Own Custom Printed Apparel with a Web Store or Fund-raiser

Sell Your Own Custom Printed Apparel

More and more individuals are looking for funky ways to express what they feel, think or follow and the good old t-shirt is the most popular medium for doing so. As internet shopping becomes easier and more secure, anyone with a popular cause or original idea can turn it into a money-making t-shirt design they can advertise and sell online. Thread Cred can help you succeed with our web store e-commerce platform and fund-raising campaigns.


Start Your Own Web Store

Do you have ideas to sell? Do you have team to support, a band that has fans, or a club full of members who want to wear their passion on their sleeve?

Then you need a web store where people can buy your awesome t-shirt designs, branded team gear, or band merchandise 24/7. What's more, you'll want a web store that won't cost you the earth in up-front fees, is easy to manage, profitable, and will showcase your products or club in a professional way.

We can help you there. Thread Cred has a brilliant web store platform you can access for free. Here's how it works:

Our web store platform provides the merchandise, production and e-commerce framework you need to turn your design ideas into cash. Using our platform you can create and sell retail quality printed apparel without the cost and hassle of manufacturing your stock up front, then delivering it to market. There's no lock-in contract, no activation fee, no subscription fees, no stock to buy… there's just no reason not to launch your web store and start selling your designs today.

Why Our Web Store Is Right For You

There are many start-up options out there for selling t-shirts online. Most will cost you a bit or even a bundle of time and money to set-up and maintain. Then you'll have to find stock and have it printed, store it and then ship it out when it sells. It's quite an undertaking and requires more time and money than most people are prepared to commit to their sports club or fledgling fashion label.

The advantages of our ready to use web stores are:

  • no set-up or subscription fees,
  • no out lay for stock holdings,
  • you can fully customise the look and feel of your site,
  • a unique URL (web address) of your choice,
  • free use of our e-commerce platform including safe payment gateways and integrated shopping cart,
  • easy integration with your social network channels,
  • manage your own product lines and mark-ups,
  • open a private store for members only, or a public store where anyone can shop,
  • discounted printing of your orders,
  • on demand printing; you'll never run out of best-sellers or be stuck with slow movers,
  • no hands-on production hassles,
  • access to comprehensive sales reports,
  • customer data recording, and
  • no risk

How Does It Work?

It's simple: you sell, we produce and deliver.

Your orders come directly to us, we print and ship the goods to your customer and remit the profits to you. Just think of Thread Cred as your fulfilment centre and accounts department.

Starting your web store a simple process:

  • register with Thread Cred and set-up a user account,
  • choose a unique URL (website address) for your web store,
  • create a unique look and feel for your store using our quick set-up templates, or with fully customised CSS and HTML,
  • choose the products you want to sell and upload your artwork designs,
  • set your retail prices,
  • test and fine tune your store settings, and
  • go LIVE

What happens then?

When you have completed the step-by-step set-up process you'll have a fully functioning web store. To make a success of it, you'll need get customers to your web store just like you would with a bricks and mortar shop. You can get the ball rolling by registering your site with search engines like Google and Yahoo and advertising through your social media channels.

When the orders start flowing, we'll jump in with production and logistical support for your store by:

  • receiving sales orders directly from your web store,
  • providing priority production turnaround for your orders,
  • delivering quality product to your clients,
  • providing customer support such as like delivery tracking,
  • processing customer payments, and
  • paying your profits into your PayPal account each month

Starting a web store with Thread Cred is a risk free way to dip you toe in the online market and test your design ideas in the real word. It may even be the first step to becoming your own boss!

Getting Started

An information video and tutorial is under construction for step-by-step advice on web store set-up and customisation. You can get immediate help from us at any point during the set-up process.

If you're interested in launching a store, contact us to find out how a WEB STORE can work for you and tips on customisation and set up. If you're web savvy and burning to get going then hit the big red button and get started NOW.

CONTACT US with any questions Start my WEB STORE


Start A Fund-Raising Campaign

Do you have a charity to fund-raise for? Do you have an event to sponsor, a product to kick-start, or a plight to support?

Then you need to kick off with a fund-raising campaign. We all know it's hard work asking for donations all the time. But it's easy to ask supports to buy a t-shirt online to help your cause. Our fund-raising campaign platform enables you to set-up and promote a web store where supporters can see your custom t-shirt design and place their orders online.

Our online set-up wizard will step you through the process of setting your fund-raising goal, price, product, and the duration of your campaign. When your campaign ends, orders placed by your supporters are processed through our administration hub, printed and shipped. The proceeds raised by the campaign are remitted to your organisation.

If you're interested in launching a campaign, contact us to find out how a fund-raising t shirt-for-a-cause can work for you. If you have a design and are burning go then hit the big red button and get started now.

CONTACT US with any questions Start my FUND-RAISER