What we do

That’s simple. We make custom printed apparel of all kinds.

What do we do? Well that’s simple; we make custom printed apparel of all kinds. But like anything worth doing well, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. The vast range of apparel styles, colours and fabrics available today requires a huge range of printing techniques, machinery and skills to be available in-house for us to bring you choice. We understand that when you're shopping for the perfect garment for your event or club you don't want to have the worry of finding the 'right kind' of print supplier as well. That's why we've spent several years researching and assembling all the printing machinery, techniques and materials we need to offer you custom printing on any garment and for any quantity you wish to order.

How we do it

Your order is printed right here in Australia, in our factory, by us, especially for you, using one of the following printing methods.

Digital Printing

For smaller orders or individually customised clothing digital is way to go. Digital printing on textiles requires specialist machinery according to the type of fabric and artwork. There's no magic machine that does it all, which is why our digital department is bursting at the seams. Inside those dust-proof doors you'll find machinery for Direct To Garment printing (commonly known as DTG), full colour transfers, cad cut transfers, as well as a huge dye sublimation printer and press.

  • Direct to Garment (DTG). Small quantities, full colour artwork, photographic prints or names and numbers on cotton or high cotton percentage blended garments are the sweet spot for our DTG system. A large maximum print area of 450mm x 350mm also allows us to print larger products such as aprons and tea towels with nice big designs. We’ve taken this new technology to the edge by investing in colour calibration equipment that means your prints will have awesome colour and sharp crisp edges and fine detail.
  • Digital Full Colour Transfer. For versatility in digital printing full colour transfers can’t be beaten. With no limits on the type of fabric or number of colours, digital transfers offer a solution where DTG falls short. Commonly used for sporting apparel, dance and work wear, digital transfers can also be combined with other techniques to produce products that would otherwise be costly, or impossible. Uniquely this technique can also be used to print fashion accessories such as shoes, caps and bags. Indeed many major lifestyle brands such as NIKE, have shoes and other popular products decorated with the very same digital full colour transfer materials and techniques that we use right here.
  • Cad Cut Transfers. A Cad Cut transfer is a design, name or number 'computer cut' from pre-coloured or patterned transfer material – there's no printing at all! Cad cut graphics are perfect for small numbers of garments with block colour designs (think players names and numbers) or to bring some bling to your design with specialist effect materials. The range of colours and effects available is staggering; reflective, textured, raised 3D effects, high gloss, matte finish, glitter, metallic gold and silver, fluoro colour, velvet feel and flock finish are just some of the effect available. Using our laser print positioning systems, we can even combine Cad Cut transfers with other printing techniques to achieve complex designs limited only by your imagination.
  • Dye Sublimation. Big shoulder graphics, small chest prints to all-over printed t-shirts is all possible using dye-sub printing. Lots of synthetic fashion garments and many sportswear products are produced using dye-sublimation. It's also an economical way of printing polyester Hi-Vis safety work wear including polos, vests and jumpers. Starting with white fabric, dye sublimation printing produces a vibrant, sharp full colour print that is absolutely permanent with zero feel or texture to the print.
Screen Printing

Our European designed and made screen printing system (our Jolly Green Giant) is huge! It's massive print area, sixteen print stations and computer controlled fine adjustment enables us to print artwork in ways that, frankly, even we find amazing. Screen printing is our method of choice when the product, artwork or volume of the order makes digital printing techniques inefficient, or incapable of reproducing the design accurately. Screen printing is the traditional method of printing textiles and has many advantages for designers.

  • Versatility is legend. As the most versatile textile printing technique available, screen printing can be used to produce a huge variety of apparel. From team sportswear and soft feel fashion, to designer garments with special effects such as foils, raised or puff prints, glow in the dark, glitter, and vintage look prints. It is still the best technique when you need large quantities of printed product in any number of colours.
  • As many colours as you can imagine. Your design can be reproduced in up to twelve spot colours (more correctly Pantone Matching System colours). If your designing in full process colour that's OK too because our full colour screen prints are amazing. Pre-press techniques learned over years studying colour theory and printing techniques, along with our investment in high-end equipment, allow us to deliver full colour screen printed images that were once thought impossible – even by us until we figured it out.
  • Huge print areas allow you to design unique prints. Looking for oversize or all-over prints on your garments? Here at Thread Cred the answer is “yes you can”. If your design needs to go from edge to edge, or over a sleeve, our Jolly Green Giant is able to deliver with an image printing capability of up to 900mm x 650mm.
  • No frustrating restrictions on print position. We can print almost any position on your garment. The front, back, sleeves, legs and pockets are all printable and laser print positioning system on our Green Giant will ensure your artwork is positioned accurately every time.
  • Your print will be safety standards compliant. The inks we use on all our garments are OEKO-TEX 100 safety standards compliant, so you can be confident any product from Thread Cred is safe to wear.
Add-On Services

If you're retailing your custom design, don't forget to pay attention to presentation details. In todays competitive market the little things matter and help keep your customers coming back for more. To help you make a lasting impression we also offer the following services:

  • Tag-less Custom labelling: Nobody likes itchy sewn-in neck labels on their fashion tees right? Well you’re going to love tagless label printing. Thread Cred can custom print your brand name, logo, size information and care instructions directly onto the inside neck of your garment for a professional retail fashion finish.
  • Custom Branding: It’s your product and you’ve worked hard to build a great brand name for it, so don’t keep it a secret! Direct printing of your brand on every garment, in any position you choose, will make sure your brand is seen and sought after. We can do one, or multiple colour brand prints on your designer tees right here in our factory – how easy is that?
  • Presentation Packaging: Individual poly bagging and protects your product, and is fast becoming the norm for premium retail fashion lines. Thread Cred can help you there; poly bagging, swing tags and custom retail packaging are all available to ensure your product presentation reflects the quality of your brand. It’s all part of our commitment to become your print partner and not just be another supplier for you to manage.
Who Do We Supply?

We happily supply an person, business, organisation, charity, club or team that needs quality and competitively priced custom printed clothing. This includes:

  • Business: We can help businesses of all sizes with uniforms, safety wear, commercial apparel (such as a medical scrubs, chef tunics and waiters uniforms) as well as promotional clothing for sponsored events. We also help fashion retailers with custom printed fashion and accessories for retail stores. We service all sizes of business from national brand companies and franchise chains to local cafés, gymnasiums and tradesmen.
  • Schools: We can help your school with customised clothing, uniforms and products for daily wear, special events and fundraising. Choose from a wide range of leading brand kids and youth styles as well as accessories such as hats and bags. As well as printing, we can set you up with a free DIY WEB STORE to manage and sell your uniforms to the school community without the headache of dealing with stock, payment collection and delivery. You choose the products and design, set the pricing, send your group to your website  – and we do the rest! Find out more here.
  • Groups, Clubs and Sports Teams: Our wide range of performance clothing, with no minimum order requirements, are perfect for groups with regular or one off uniform orders. We also help with printed t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and a range of sportswear, which can be printed with club designs and/or personalised with player names and numbers.
  • Charities: Whether you’re a national organisation launching a range of product for a campaign, or a local charity group printing sponsor t-shirts for a fun run, we can tailor a solution that's right for you.
  • Stag and Hen parties, birthdays and parties: We take the hassle out of organising stag and hen night celebrations, birthdays and other family events with some fantastic design templates you can customise for your event. Choose from a wide range of casual clothing to print a ready-to-use desing, or upload your own image, and we’ll do the rest.
  • Still not sure if we can help? Our flexible approach and no-limitation production systems make it possible for anybody to use our online Designer to order just one or ten thousand garments with a custom print.
Our Online Store

Up front is our on-line store where you can browse product, finalise your print design and place your order. Ordering custom printed products via the internet should be easy, and we’ve worked really hard to make it so. In fact it’s as easy as one two three - just choose, customise and wear your custom printed garment. Our on-line Designer is fully featured but easy to use, and has libraries of fonts and thousands of free images to help get you going. There's also hundreds of quality templates to personalise, you can even change the colours or add elements to the design suit your event or promotion. Want more? We’ve also integrated direct feeds to faceboook and Instagram so you can upload photos and artwork directly from your account to create a stunner personalises t-shirt or hoodie.

Shopping and Shipping

Our online prices are all inclusive, so there are no surprises waiting for you at the checkout. There are no additional setup fees and no 'extras' for printing on dark garments. We've also included many products with no minimum order quantity, so you can order as many or as few as you need, and price you see is what you'll pay. Our no-surprise pricing also includes delivery, with one low flat standard shipping rate that will deliver any size order to where ever you are in Australia. Find out about shipping here. We don't want you to get any nasty surprises just because you have a deadline either, rush production rates and priority shipping options and rates are all available at the checkout.

Online Design

Every job gets a FREE artwork review. We understand that designing and ordering custom printed clothing on-line can be a bit scary. After all, how are you supposed to know how to get the best from all these printing techniques? We get that and want you to know that we care about your design as much as you do…. we really do. So before we print any job your artwork is scrutinised by our art department, checking for:

  • Alignment: If it’s not quite right, we’ll fix it, and if it’s way off we’ll contact you because it may be you want it like that. Either way you can be confident your art will be placed just as you intended.
  • Image Size: As well as checking the physical image size is appropriate for your chosen garment, we will check the resolution of photos or images and contact you if we see a problem.
  • Image Backgrounds: Unwanted background around placed images is a common problem that we lookout for. If your artwork has a logo sitting in a solid white box, we’ll check to make sure that’s what you really want before proceeding.
  • Layers and text effects: Artwork layers are a powerful tool in modern graphics software, but its easy to get them out of order. If there's an obvious error, like same text behind a graphic, we’ll fix it. Text effects are sometimes difficult to get right. Our experienced art team will check any you have used for obvious issues and contact you if they find something wrong.

There's more information about our pre-production checks here.

Our DIY Platforms and Support

Your success is our success. If you think your designs can make it in the fashion market, but don't want to take on the risks, we can help you get going with DIY WEB STORES. We also have a great DIY FUND-RAISER campaign platform, perfect for clubs schools and charities.

Free DIY Web Stores

With a free Thread Cred DIY WEB STORE, you can create your own online clothing shop in minutes and start selling apparel printed with your designs. Great for budding designers and for sports teams and clubs who want custom shirts without the hassle of dealing with stock and money and delivery. Choose from our huge range of product and sell them any price you choose printed with your design or club logo. We’ll look after all the production, payment and shipping so you don’t have to and remit the profits back to you. Find out more here.

Raise money with our Tees-for-a-Cause DIY Fundraisers

Choose a product, set your price, set a target and promote your campaign - it’s that simple and it’s free! With a Thread Cred DIY FUND-RAISER campaign store you can raise money for any purpose without the purchasing risk or administrative hassle. It's hard to keep asking for donations, but it's easy to ask your supporters to give to your cause by purchasing a killer custom printed t-shirt. Find out more here.

The Future…

Thread Cred is a dynamic business, driven by industry trends, emerging technologies as the creative whims of our customers. We're continually reviewing, researching and adding new services and products to our range. So if there's something you need that we don't already do, please let us know because we love to buy new toys for the workshop!

Create With Cred.