All-Over Printed Fashion

Why limit your design when you can take it to the edge with an all-over print?

With our all-over prints anything is possible. Print whatever you like wherever you like with;

  • vibrant full colour
  • photographic quality prints
  • printing all-over one side or both sides of your tee
  • a guaranteed super soft print you can’t even feel
  • a hard wearing print that will never peel, crack or fade
  • no set-up costs and no minimum order quantities

So if you have something to celebrate, advertise or support – go all-over with it!


a milestone


a special holiday


your thing


your art


your team

Three Easy Ways To Go All-Over

All-over printed tees are an awesome way to get attention. Here are three easy ways to get started.

1. Create Your Own

Are you ready to print your design all-over? Choose from a range of garment styles to bring your design to life.

Then upload your image or photo to our online designer – you can even add text – and choose to print the front of your tee, the back, or both.

Choose & Create

Single sided all-over prints.


Double sided all-over prints.

2. Customise One of Ours

Need inspiration? Pressed for time? Don’t worry we can help!

Choose one of our pre-designed all-over templates to customise with your own message for a spectacular eye-popping tee for your next event.

Choose & Customise

3. Buy Ready Made All-Over Fashion

Browse through our all-over printed fashion tees for the perfect gift for that friend who has everything, or a stand out tee for your next party. Ready for immediate shipping.
All-Over Print


All-Over Print


All-Over Print


All-Over Print


All-Over Print


All-Over Print



How Do We Do It?

Your artwork is digitally transferred to a special carrier sheet and positioned on your tee – then the fun begins!

Your t-shirt is placed in our awesome German made All-Over printing press where a combination of accurate heat and super even pressure permanently dyes the fabric with your design, leaving a super soft image that never fades. The result is a print that you absolutely can’t feel, that lets your skin breathe and will outlast the garment without cracking or peeling – guaranteed!

Create All-Over Tees That Fit Your Style

We think it’s important to have creative options. Choose from our range of all-over tees with a style for everyone from guys to gals, tots to teens and in between and let your imagination run wild.

Go all-over with graphics, custom art or stunning photographic prints from front to back with no setup fee and no minimum order. It all starts with choosing an all-over tee in the style you want and selecting or uploading the design you like. Then it’s over to us to create it with Cred and ship you an eye-popping tee that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

Option 1: Start White As Snow

Designing for white? Then All-Over White are the t-shirts for you. Print front, back or both the choice is yours.

Option 2: Go Black-Back

If white’s not your thing then black-back’s the go. Combine awesome custom artwork with the pre-printed black back, sleeves and collar and you’ll have a tee that suits your style.

Designing for All-Over Success

Using pre-made tees is fantastic for printing big, colourful images without the large minimum orders required for expensive print-and-sew production.

We print your tee with care and attention, but there are some gotchas to look out for when designing for all-over printing on pre-made t-shirts.

Small voids in the print are expected around seams and under arms where creases in the fabric can prevent image transfer.

Expect some colour fade around seams and collars.

Front and back prints won’t line up, so don’t try to wrap text and graphics around your shirt.

Follow these simple ground rules for success

The best designs break all the rules but the pros know when to hold and when to fold. Following a few simple ground rules will help you to produce the most effective, eye-popping all-over print possible on your t-shirt. Keep these in mind and you’ll be home free.

DO USE lighter colours and patterns around collars and over seams to minimize colour fade.

DO USE black back tees to minimise voids under arms and along seams.

DO keep text and logos at least 100mm inside the edge of your smallest shirt size. Outlines are available for all shirt styles to assist with layout and artwork sizing.

DO USE effects such as feathering and distress to break-up solid colours under the arms, over edges and along seams to minimize colour voids common in these areas.

DO USE random patterns and busy backgrounds that don’t need to line up at the seams to look fabulous.

DO re-size your artwork so it hangs over the edge of your largest shirt size by at least 50mm to ensure complete print coverage.


Get Started Now and Create All-Over with Cred

Choose a t-shirt style and start creating NOW
Choose a pre-designed all-over template to customise NOW

Need Some Help? If you have questions or need help call us on 1300 22 8080 or send an email - don’t panic we’re here to help!

Technical Stuff

To ensure a high quality print you need to supply a high quality image. Here are some artwork guidelines;

  • upload all files at 100% print size. Don’t enlarge small images using the online designer as you will lose image quality
  • image files should be a minimum resolution of 150dpi at final print size
  • graphic files can be native Illustrator, CorelDraw or PhotoShop files or exported .eps /.pdf files with fonts converted to curves
  • image size for adult tees (non critical print placement) is 110cm wide x 85cm high
  • image size for adult singlets (non critical print placement) is 65cm wide x 85cm high
  • image size for kids and youth tees (non critical image placement) is 80cm wide x 62cm high
  • if designing an all over-all print with critical graphic placement, please email a request for specific t-shirt templates

General information is available through our FAQ section.

You can find out about our other printing services too.