Who we are

We believe every garment deserves the best print that our craft can create – that's who we are.

Who are we? Well to put it simply, we're a bunch of creatives who love making stuff. We’ve been hanging around various corners of the printing industry since 1995, and along the way we've learnt a thing or two about the craft. Our interest in custom apparel led us to explore a whole range of printing techniques ranging from Direct To Garment (commonly called DTG) and digital colour transfers, to dye sublimation and volume screen print production using European designed auto presses with amazing built in technology and specialist fashion industry inks.

Today, our skills and suite of equipment enable us to easily produce the super soft-touch water based screen prints sought after by the fashion industry, the stunningly complex big colour prints that movie and band merchandisers love, as well as commercial grade sports wear and one off designer prints. Soft prints, vibrant colour, big images and special effects – that's the fun stuff that gives your designs the x-factor they need to set you apart from your competitors. These services use many techniques and materials that other printers charge premium prices for, billing them out as “special services” and "extras". We regard these skills and services as normal, not only to be included at no extra charge but simply part of our service. We firmly believe that every garment deserves the best print that our craft can create, not limited by the equipment or skills that we happen to have – that's who we are.

Whether you want a one-off sports top for an event or ten thousand custom printed tees for your fun run, we have the gear and the expertise right here to produce a quality product you’ll love to wear, share and sell – that's what we do.

Underneath it all we're lovers of art

The fact is a blank shirt is just that – blank. It’s the printed image that brings it alive and turns it into something more, something you want to own and wear. When you design your own piece of wearable art to make a fashion statement, design a range of fan merchandise, or put a simple message on your tee you will be Creating with Cred and discover for yourself why we love the creative canvas that custom printed apparel provides.

The possibilities are endless, if you're an arty type you can upload your designs from all the industry standard software packages for us to print. For the social set you can upload photos from your phone, Facebook or Instagram feeds! If you're stuck for time or just not that creative, our online Designer has thousands of totally free, high quality, professionally designed templates and graphics you can use to make a killer event tee or unique fashion piece. Whatever your creative weapon of choice, we love seeing the amazing design ideas you will come up with for us to print.

Looking for something “arty” to wear? Our range of pre printed designer tees is constantly changing and growing with new designs added monthly from Studio Cred. Check out our pop-culture art, grunge styles, incredible photographic images and stunning modern art prints. We love making the t-shirts you’ll love to wear, and are constantly researching fashion trends for the creatives in Studio Cred to work on.

Creating with Cred

The thing is it’s not really about us. It's about you and your custom printed t-shirt, tank top, team jersey, retail fashion tee, band merchandise, work shirt or hoodie with your logo or design printed big and bold. That’s why we came up with the “Create with Cred” philosophy. When you order from us, it’s not how we make your product that matters, it’s about ordering your tee with confidence and that feeling you get when you open the box and wear it for the first time.

We also firmly believe that shopping on-line should be easy, after all that’s why you’re here right? Placing your order should be easy, delivery should be easy and everything in between should be easy Easy EASY! What you won’t get from us is a crappy print, mistakes in your order or service that sucks, because that makes it hard. We'll make sure the garment you receive is exactly what you ordered and the one in the drawer you’ll always love to wear. What's more, we’ll treat you and your custom with respect, and we promise that if there is a problem we’ll fix it – no drama.

We want you to feel a part of the creative process and not just a customer. Working hard with you to create outstanding custom printed clothing for you, your event or your organisation is about our credibility and what makes us who we are.

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